“All right, I’ll do it.” You mutter as you fumble nervously with your French fries.

“Great. That’s just what I wanted to hear from you. The mission deadline is in three days, so get there as soon as you can. And remember: keep it a secret!” and with that, the agent got up, signed the check, and walked out of the restaurant. As you start up your scooter, you realize that Bentley Inc. is where you’ll have to go for your mission. You wonder how you’re ever going to get in, because Bentley Inc., being the largest lab in California, is guarded by top class security guards twenty-four hours a day. As you think, you suddenly realize that you passed the lab and are now in the middle of nowhere, in an abandoned street. You start to panic. You will never find your way to the lab or your apartment when it’s this dark. Your anxiety ceases when a cable car appears and stops in front of you. The driver turns over to you with his pale, white, wrinkly face.

“Need a ride? It’s free at this time of night.” His old voice crackled. You look over at the seats behind him. All of them are empty. Is there a reason why they’re empty? You think.

                                                               Do You…

Take a ride?

Or stick to your scooter?