"If only humanity weren't so stubborn, none of this would have happened. Not now, at least. Humanity is a dangerous race. We have created what is before us, the 'United Wasteland'. Some of you don't even know it. You think it's always been this way-and I don't blame you! It's a very dangerous world out there. But I'm just here to let you know the truth. You all know about the Second Russian War. You might not know exactly why we created the war shelters. The truth is the bomb fell in 2098, not 2080. 2080 was a warning. 2098 was the real bombing. But now here we sit. Here in twenty-one-sixty-six. Fighting the Darkmind from coast to coast. This is Freedom, your ally." Then the music started playing. It's the year 2166, you're listening to the radio in what used to be New York City, and you have lived out here since 2147. Nineteen and already shooting like a sniper.

You're on top of the roof of what used to be a Manhattan apartment or office building. You stare down on the desecrated street and see someone in leather clothing walking by. Do you:

Open fire immediately with your assault rifle

Shout at him

Jump off the edge to go meet him

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