Far away, in a land unknown to most people is the Kingdom of Salsa, ruled by the fair King Larkin of the Shitake tribe. He was a kind and nobel ruler, until one day he was betrayed by his court magician Azmodian, the Eggplant Wizard.

Azmodian was able to convince King Larkin's army to over throw the kingdom and allow him to rule in the King's place. One night, while Larkin slept, Azmodian crept into his bedchamber and cast a terrible curse on the King, turning him into solid cruton.

Once they had taken care of the King, the rest of the Kingdom would soon fall under the magical influence of Azmodian and the corrupted army. He had Princess Turnip and Prince Cabbage locked up in the castle dungeons and took his place as King of Salsa.

It is very late out and you are asleep in your comfortable bed. Suddenly you are woken up as someone bangs on the front door of your cottage. You sit up in bed and rub the sleep from your eyes..