You wake up again, it's 10:00 PM.

You look outside, the only lights that can be seen are the street lamps, the ones that aren't burnt out yet at least.

A black cat sits across the street in a patch of grass, almost invisible in the darkness other than the glint of it's yellow eyes.

You walk over to your computer and flip on the switch, the humming of the tower seems to make you feel a little warmer, as you suddenly realize it's freezing cold. While the computer is starting up, you decide to turn the thermometer up a bit.

After a few minutes, you hear a low rumbling as the heating kicks on. Mmm, it's nice and warm.

The computer screen flicks the the Windows' login screen, you type in your password "squeegyisawesomebeyondallcomprehension" and wait for everything to get situated.

When it's done, you double click the BYOND file on your desktop, the icon an atom encased in a light blue sphere.

The screen pops up and you type in your information:

username: squeegy

password: squeegyissoawesomehehadsexwithyourmother

You go to your bookmarks and click the link named "Chat", and a Dream Seeker window pops up.

[ 1 ] You send a link to every 10 seconds.

[ 2 ] You don't.