The Lewis Gram Case[]

It's a rainy day when your phone rings loudly on the silent dining room. When you pick up, you recognize the voice of your superior, J.J. Tanner, you smile slightly thinking your next days will surely be full of excitement. When J.J. Tanner calls you personally, its always for a big job. The last time he encommended you for a work, you ended up chasing a thief through a moving train. At the same time, a part of you glooms, you would have liked to enjoy yor vacation some more, but dew to J.J.'s voice, you can tell its a serious matter. -Sorry to bother you in your holidays, agent; but this simply cannot wait, this case involves the whole world's integrity and safety. Also, this is too important to talk it by the phone. You should come to the central now. You agree and hung up the phone, what could be THAT inmportant it couldnt wait? Well, Tanner will surely tell you when you get there. The question is, should you take your car or travel in a bus? Your car is obviously more comfortable, but if this is such a complicated case, maybe there were some enemy agents lurking around you already...

If you decide to take the Bus.[1]

If you decide to travel by car.[2]