Welcome to Create Your Own Adventure's wiki! This is the ideal place to make your own CYOA. It's easy to do, and here, your games can be edited, added to, and played by the entire community.

Starting Out Edit

First off, you need to choose your game's name. After that, make an article called 'Creation:gamename'.

This can be done by hitting the 'Search CYOA' sidebar and entering in 'Creation:name'. Then create the article.

Then you're ready to start your CYOA.

Categories Edit

A CYOA has to have a minimum of three categories: Size, type, and openness.

Sizes are small, medium, or large. You'll want to put Small since you're just starting it.

Type can be lots of things. See the Category:CYOAs page.

Openness is either public or private. Public CYOAs can be edited by anyone, private CYOAs only by their original author.

New Links Edit

When you finish your first page, you'll want to include a few links. To do this, type the following:



Object Descriptions Edit

Occasionally, your character might find an item somewhere. Optionally, you can use a pagelink to link to a description of that item. Just be sure to link back!

[[Description:creationname itemname#]]

You see a thing.

Advanced Edit

The above is all you need to make a simple CYOA game. Optionally, you can use backgrounds and titlebars to improve gameplay. These are mostly just for show, but they're sure fun!

More tricks for your game.