With a tired sigh, you get up out of your bed and put on a pair of fleece pajamas. Suddenly you hear someone shouting from the other side of your front door.

"Sir, sir, please answer your door, this is of the most urgent matters I must discuss with you. I know it is late and you must be tired, but the stake of the Kingdom is at risk!"

Everything is now completely silent. You walk across your house from your bedroom to the living room of your home and open the front door to reveal a rather short, stout Tomato, which looks rather flustered.

"Oh Master Corn, I am so glad you decided to answer your door, I did not want to throw another stone through your window!"

You frown at the Tomato with contempt, "What is your name and what is this about the Kingdom?"

"Terrible, simply terrible Master!" replies the worried Tomato, "The King, he has been overthrown, his children, locked away! That evil Eggplant, Azmodian is sitting in Larkin's throne!"

You respond distastefully, "What does this have to do with me you little twerp?"

"I know you and the King used to be close, both of you used to be adventurers. When the original battle for Salsa took place, both you and him were on the front lines. Both of you were brave warriors.", explained the Tomato.

"You still haven't told me your name, or what you wanted red."

"I am so sorry, I am William, of the Tomato tribe and I was the King's chancellor. I didn't know where else to go, please, Master Corn, you are the kingdom's only hope right now!"

  • Ask William to come in
  • Close the door in William's face