“Okay, sure. Why not?” you say eagerly.

“Hop in!” the driver calls back. You climb on to the cable car, put your scooter in the storage area, and take a seat. The old cable car, maybe even as old as its driver, screeches as it slowly crawls up a small hill. As the car gains speed, you say to the driver, “I hope you know where this is; I have to go to Bent…”

“You’ve got to get to Bentley Inc. I know. I saw your badge. I’ll get you there in no time.” You abruptly cover up your badge with your coat and breathe a sigh of relief. As you go down the hill you suddenly increase drastically in speed.

“Whoa, that’s a bit too fast for me,” the driver wheezes as he pulls down hard on the brake. Snap! A section of the brake handle falls into his hand. You are scared for your life. As you cling for dear life on the car’s railing, the driver hollers, “We have to jump!” You begin to open your mouth to protest, but when you see the cluster of buildings the cable car is about to run into, you nod your head in agreement. With a leap of faith, you and the frightened driver jump into a small pond in front of Bentley Inc. With a loud screech, the cable car you were just riding moments ago tumbles down a slope by the pond and rolls to a stop. You breathe another humongous sigh of relief.

“Looks like we’re here,” The driver coughs. “I’m ding-danged, though. I’m gonna have to call up the boss and ask for new car.” And with that, he gets up, dumps the water out of his hat and shoes, and slowly walks away. You walk up to the cable car to inspect it. You finally dig out your scooter from under debris of broken parts. It’s ruined. You’ll just have to take the cable car back.

Enter the lab.