You are driving down the road when suddenly you see something in the sky. It looks like... A blimp? As it comes closer, you see the words written on it, "Quest for the Golden Perderder!". This must be it, you reckon. The spelling is a bit strange, though. Maybe it was just autocorrect? Then again, it is painted on...

The blimp lands next to your car. A man comes out. His clothes are covered with patches, and his shoes look like they've seen better days. "Howdy!" He says, "Welcome to the Golden Potato Blimp!" You wonder why it says "Perderder" on the side of his blimp, if it's the Golden Potato Blimp... Suddenly, his voice disrupts your train of thought. "Are you ready to fly with the clouds, till we reach the legendary temple?" You're about to say yes, when you realise that there's a sign saying "Golden Potato hunters meet here!" Just down the road. What will you do?

Go with the strange man.

Carry on towards the sign.