In the car we ride.. Edit

Swirling the keys in your fingers, you reach your garage and get inside the car, you start it and press the remote control's button to open the gate. Humming a soft tune you wait for the streets to reveal to you, then, in a far away roof, you notice a red spot that blinds you for a moment, at that same instant, you react quick: before the sniper shoots, you already stormed out of your car, a second after, a bullet breaks your front car's window and buries itself in the backrest of the seat. You get up from the floor and hear a step behind you, behind you can turn, a hard object hits your head and everything turns dark...

You wake up hours later, your whole body feels numb, still, you can notice you're tied to a chair in a small room, strípes hold your torso and legs, and a dim light from above lets you see that. You hear a few steps coming from behind you and then hear a door open, a man walks around you and stands looking at your eyes, he's a tall man with bald head, a perfect shave and a light suit, a serious expression rests in his face.

-Where's the kid?- he asked calmly, you're about to answer you dont know, but a slap from his the back of his enormous hand makes your head shake, you slowly begin to regain sensation in your body.

-Where is the kid?- he asked again.

If you decide to make up a story to win time[1]

If you choose to stick with your story.[2]