New bald friend? Edit

The tall man keeps pushing you like a prisoner and whispers in the way:

-My name is Anton Kraven, I work for a criminal agency in Germany, Golden Falke. I am aware that you're not familiarized with the case we're handling, this is the thing: I'm sick of working with these people so i decided to change sides, I am, as you call it, a double agent. I also work for your agency, Crimson Dove. We should head there once we get out of this building. By the way, we're in a building From Golden Falke, you were kidnapped by our people to take you out of the game before you could even start it. Regarding the case, you can get filled in once we reach J.J.-

Kraven keeps walking you from hallway to hallway until you reach a couple of white doors, there, he lets you go and opens them, the light of the Sun dives on the floor filling your mind with a warm sensation. You get to see a car parked on the street and hear voices behind you: Two men with guns are chasing you!

You both run to the car you jump in before Kraven, in the middle of the way, he falls down, his leg seems to be bleeding!. Yet the men with guns get closer... You notice the keys on your hand, Kraven must've put them there when he grabbed you. What should you do? Drive away or come back to get Kraven?

If you return for Kraven.[1]

If you choose to drive away.[2]